amelia thomas

Amelia Thomas is a distinguished wealth management professional with a niche focus on advanced wealth and tax planning solutions tailored for minority business owners. By leveraging strategies traditionally reserved for the top 1%, Amelia dedicates herself to creating robust legacy building frameworks and sustaining generational wealth. Leading a proficient “money team”, Amelia collaborates closely with seasoned attorneys, certified public accountants, and other wealth & tax experts. Her team operates cohesively, ensuring integrated strategies to both amplify and safeguard client assets. Amelia holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on Finance from Alabama State University, complemented by an M.S. in  Financial Planning from Kansas State University. With an impressive arsenal of 11 licenses, her capabilities include crafting and managing alternative investment portfolios, as well as overseeing the financing of large-scale ventures including stadiums, toll bridges, and initial public offerings. Moreover, Amelia actively works to eliminate the “illusion of inclusion” in local government and corporate contracting.

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Monique Clayton

Chief of Staff


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The Professional Team consists of:

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Horancia deGraft Osei

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CPA, CFP, In-House Tax Researcher

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Lyka SembrERO

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